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11.11.16 / News

Kids Public Award:

Der Mond und ich – Nancy Biniadaki
presentation: presented by  DonBosco school’s students – guidance: Joke Delcour, DonBosco school

Schools’ jury’s:
Paloke school Molenbeek 4th year primary school – guidance: teacher Carla De Blaere and Greet van Paepegem. Workshop: Sandra Verkaart
Special Mention: Rintje Verjaardag –  Ben Tesseur en Steven De Beul

“We recognized a lot in this film, like the excitement of having your birthday. Funny things happen on a birthday, and things can also go wrong. We often had to laugh watching ‘Rintje, Birthday’. For example when he ate from the cake, when there was no cookie left after he treated the class and when everyone sang in chaos Happy Birthday. We thought it was very special that the film was made with puppets, and that the cake was made out of sponge, even though everything looked so real!”

Award: Pingouin – Pascale Hecquet

“Our class loves songs, singing and dancing. Before watching Pingouin, we read the lyrics of Marie’s Henchoz song, but we had to guess what animal it was about in the story.
We thought it was very funny that a penguin changed from feeling too cold to feeling too warm.
He wanted to discover how it’d be like not to live on the ice, but in the end he returned to his home on the Pole. The song was very happy, and the drawings fit very well with this mood. We liked discovering how drawings can move in animation film!”

Saint-Hubert Oudergem 6th year primary school – guidance: teacher. Workshop: Maria Körkel
Special Mention: “A well spent afternoon” – Martin Turk

“The film shows with surprising images a very beautiful relationship between a father and his son. We liked how the film shows the complicity in the relationship between the two. It made us discuss friendship, our relationships with our fathers and loved ones for a complete afternoon.”

Award: Yaadikoone – Marc Picavez

The film takes us to a distant country, Senegal. It tells the story of a very courageous little boy: Yadikoone. It makes us discover how people live in Senegal. Even if life is not easy, Yadikoone is not discouraged.

Steiner school Anderlecht 1st year high school – guidance: teacher Margot Willems. Workshop: Sandra Verkaart 
Special Mention: Beast – Pieter Coudyzer,

“The Special Mention goes to a film with slightly less votes from our class, but a film which has essentially the same message as Catherine: friendship is important in times of loneliness.
Beast is also an animated film, but with a dark atmosphere.
We thought the looks of the film in its sober colors were very beautiful because it contributed to the emotions of the story. It is a sentimental story, we were all very touched by it. The unique contact between the homeless character and the alien was very touching, we had sympathy for the characters and the meaning of the plot. The loneliness one could experience when you are different from the rest, is depicted in a very good way.”

Award: Catherine – Britt Raes

“We could see this animation film over and over again. It is funny but simultaneously carries a deeper meaning about loneliness, bullying and relationships to other people but foremost: to your pet.
It is not realistic but this makes you even more aware of real life. Like the question if everyone will find someone that fits one’s life and particularities. We believe it is a good choice that this is an animated film: how else could you convey this story? In this animation the colors are in function of emotions, and the images blend in metamorphoses that are bizarre but instructive for the events of the story”.

TEENS: Hanne, Tasio, Ella – and Kawtar,  Soumaya, Imane, Türkan

Guidance: Laura Vandeweynwinkel. Assistance: Redouan Saghirr

Full lenght movie:

Special Mention: Enclave – Goran Radovanović

“Despite the feeling that we did not fully understand everything about this film, we thought of Enclave as a very powerful movie. We had never heard about the Kosovo conflict and were eager to learn more. The film was full of action and the actors played so well, that for a moment we wonder if we were watching a documentary.
The main character, a Serbian teenager, dreams about having a normal life with friends of his choice. But the hatred between the peoples in Serbia is so deep that it affects the children in their daily life. The film wants to be hopeful by showing that it is this young generation who can break this hate. Ultimately, the Serbian boy becomes befriended with an Albanian in the film. The film shows the loveless and hard situation where children grow up in, but is balanced by funny and light elements, which made it a very good film to experience.”

Award: Land of Light – David Ruff

“We all agreed on giving the price to Land of Light right after we saw it. This film had caught our attention from beginning to end. Most of the actors played very well. We had sympathy for the characters and wished a happy ending of the film, of their lives, for them. We are used to hear about the war in Syria from adults; this is why it was very interesting to see a children’s point of view on the conflict. We were very impressed by the fact that the film is made with refugee children of a camp in the border region of Turkey and Syria. The filmmaker deserves this price for this initiative. We hope there will be more films like this.”

Short film:
Special Mention: Groen – Lucas Camps

“We found this film very funny, absurd and strong in its message: stick to your own ideas without being influenced by the masses. The fact that the ‘rebel’ in this film was an artist, was very interesting. The idea was simple and clear, the film had the right tension from beginning to end, and we enjoyed the acting in its combination of realism and over acting.”

Award: L’apiculteuse- Loupiote asbl

“This film responded with ease to the three criteria for choosing a short film. The film carried a strong message and the director succeeded in bringing this message across to the audience. There was not one moment of boredom, and we were touched by the characters and events. We thought the acting of the young Nola was wonderful. This girl knew to convince family and environment with her enthusiasm and concern to care about the disappearing bees due to the use of pesticides. We were every engaged in her ambitious plan, which made the moment of the journalist crushing her plan a very moving event for us. We liked the mix between fiction and documentary very much. A film that educates, entertains and brings the message: never give up on your believes!”

KIDS: Sterre, Noor, Simon, Milos, Felix, Jules 
Guidance: Lisa Matthys. Assistance: Nadia Saghirr
Special Mention: Brothers of the Wind – Gerardo Olivares & Otmar Penker

“We would like to give a special mention to Brother of the Wind because it shows of a special bond between humans and animals. Even though we might not have understood everything of the story, we found this film stunningly beautiful. We loved the unique images of the eagles. The film also showed us an important message: you have to learn to let go of things you are attached to.”

Special Mention: Little Mountain Boy – Xavier Koller

“We would like to give a special mention to Little Mountain Boy because we really enjoyed the storyline. It had so much humor and tension! We loved the landscapes in the film very much, they were beautiful.
(Sterre & Noor)”

Award: Land of Light – David Ruf

“This was a very adventurous movie. Five children remain brave in difficult circumstances to find a fantastic land. The film shows a combination of fiction and non-fiction, because the characters are real fugitives and within the film, they have a discussion about possible different outcomes of the movie / their travels. The film shows in an engaging way what war does to children: they have to act like grown-ups.”

Russian juryArtemiy, Sergey, Vlad, Kristina – guidance: Elena Kurilova and Iva Ksenevich, Moscow
Special Mention: Abulele – Jonathan Geva
Award: Buffalo Rider – Joel Soisson
German jury: Aleyna Aydin, Nailany Weimer, Allan Burfeind, Henrike Wilhelm.
Guidance: Cathrin Ernst – Shortfilm festival Oberhausen
Special Mention: THE ORCHESTRA by Mikey Hill
Award: LITTLE THING by Or Kantor
“Hello! We are the international jury from Oberhausen in Germany. We watched about 30 short films – silly animations, great documentaries.
And it was very hard to make a choice. It really wasn’t easy because we liked all the different characters we got to know through the screen. That’s why we want to give a special mention to an animation film full of music and hope. It made us identify with a totally different age group. Our special mention goes to THE ORCHESTRA by Mikey Hill.
Our price goes to a very colourful film that is lovely animated and full of inspiring use of sound and music. It’s about loneliness, empty places and the fact, that nobody is alone in this world.
The winner is LITTLE THING by Or Kantor.”