Kalif Storch

5+31.10.13 / 11.00 / Fairytales / Aventure

Locatie: Aventure

Duur: 63'

Taal: ov live Dutch dubbing

Leeftijd: 5+

Regisseur: Albert Maly-Motta & Paul Stutenbäumer

Land: Germany

Jaar: 2013

Prijs: € 6 / € 4 (-18)

Categorie: Fairytales

Reservatie: Reservation possible via www.cinema-aventure.be or 02 219 92 02

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Kleerkopersstraat 57

With the help of a magic powder, Kalif Chasid and his side-kick Mansor try to transform into animals. The only rule is very simple: you can’t smile, otherwise you can never change back into a human. They take the form of storks and after a while, the two have abandoned the rule. And on top of that, they forgot the magic word to change back into humans.