The Mission of vzw Filem’On is:

Audiovisual formation by the programming of films that children see, little or not: short movies, documentaries, previews. Most of the time this program is set in a larger theme that covers social, educational, ecological, anthropological and of course artistic elements. The audiovisual formation is a crucial aspect for the development of children, because it enables them to expand their self image and their view on their surrounding world and it gives them the occasion to express their inner feelings.

To promote participation
We want kids and young people to participate by offering projects that are mainly about audiovisual formation, whether or not in combination with another art discipline, always in collaboration with organizations or individual artists who have specialized in this specific domain.
Filem’On militates for a great responsibility of the children & the youngsters in the implementation of the project. We also want to pay attention to both the process and the product. The fact that there is a final product, which is shown afterwards, provides for an upgrade of their creations. We make sure that this end result is always projected on the big screen.

To offer a stage for the young artist
We want to give a stage to the young artists, to the children and young people, who produced a movie, alone or under professional guidance.

To cross bridges between image, theatre and music
Filem’On brings filmmakers, musicians and visual artists together to stimulate and to produce interesting cross-overs.

To invite all children
Filem’On aims at all children from 3 to 15 years. We want to focus our attention specifically on children who get less access to audiovisual formation. Next to this, we continue to be in favour of inclusion and a blending of children of all backgrounds.

In cooperation with various partners, Filem’On vzw has been developing its activities out of a co-operation of different organizations: partners who can enrich its functioning and make its target audience more diverse. These purposes remain important in its activities throughout the year and during its annual film festival.

Filem’on is also a think tank/consultation platform for all actors who are active on audiovisual and adjoining art domains and focus on children/young people. We do not hesitate to bring forward important themes such as emancipation, imaging, language awareness, renewal, etc …