Jury Report Competition Kids 2017!

Competition Kids.

BELGIUM JURY: members Lina, Emile, Malik, Una, Zita, Sarah, Lina, Tosca, Havin, Joël & chaperon Lisa Matthys, assistant Nadia Sagghir.

“Our special mention goes to Hotel the big L by Ineke Houtman. The actors played very well and are well casted. We could very well imagine the emotions. The actor that played Cos was very brave to play a girl. It was an original idea. The director made a nice work.”

“We enjoyed every film very much, as we know that everyone must have worked hard for it. It wasn’t easy to choose a winner. The film we choose differed itself from the others though. The emotions and feelings in Amelie Rennt have convinced us completely. That is why we give the Bella Brussela to Thomas Wiemann.”