Jury Report Competition Mundi 2017!

Competition Mundi

JURY LUXEMBOURG: Thym, Kone, Bauer, Patak, Feil & chaperon Gloria Morano

“For the Special Mention we choose a touching film where we can see the highest dreams realized in the lowest conditions. In this documentary we can see the entire evolution of a poor boy from the ghetto starting with nothing and trying to achieve his dream of reggeaton singer. Our Special Mention goes to the Dominican director Yanillys Perez who made ‘Jeffrey’.”

“It was hard for us to choose but at the end we all agreed on one winning film, because it tells people who are handicapped that they shouldn’t give up their dreams. Just because you cannot walk doesn’t mean you can’t do anything anymore. You should see things positive. We choose On Wheels also because the end was surprising and not foreseeable. The Bella Brussela goes to the Brazilian director Maure D’Addio.”