Jury Report Competition TEENS 2017!

The 4 JURIES for the competition TEENS wrote about their choices:

POLAND: jury members: Antonia, Pola, Ida, Karolina, Agata, Antonina, Filip. Chaperons: Zofia Kopczyńska & Katarzyna Glowacka.

Favorite film: Room 213, by Emilie Lindblom

“We choose Room 213 as our favorite film because its plot gradually changes normal reality into something paranormal and scary. The logical order of events was coherent, so all the moments were interesting. Moreover, the music was well chosen. It regulates the tension and creates the scary atmosphere. Rapid action with many twists keeps the viewer’s attention. Open ending of the story motivated for further reflection. The film teaches us that there are things that we can’t explain scientifically. It combines entertainment with paranormal phenomena, which makes it our favorite.”


ROMANIA: Jury members: Paul, Patrick, Raul, Denisa, Sara. Chaperon: Dana Grigorovici.

Favorite films: Little Harbour by Iveta Grófová and The Boy on the Bridge by Petros Charalambous.

“The film tells a story of a little girl ‘forced’ to grow up in a non organic, brutal manner. The roles child – grown up are reversed. Jarka has taken on all her mother’s responsibilities – she takes care of her sick grandmother and the two babies, while her mother is supposed to be the responsible adult, acts childish ignoring her daughter and the household chores. We particularly liked the ending which can be interpreted as an escape from a brutal world that forces a child to grow up before their time.”

“We want to mention the film Boy on the bridge for script. The script is extremely well written, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Watching the story unfold, you have to put the pieces together. Not until you put the last piece of the puzzle, do you get a real understanding of the story.”


BELGIUM: Jury members: Noa, Hanne, Nora, Zoë, Marie, Marie, Sebastien, Julien, Jérôme, Amira, Estera & chaperon Tom Hallet, assistant Marie Moonens.

Favorite film: Little Harbour by Iveta Grófová

“Our jury chose Little Harbour as favorite film because of its surprising plot. The director successfully managed to depict the children’s world. The theme of the film is very relevant because it portrays a social and economic situation. The way this is shown through the eyes of children is very refreshing and poetic.”


BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA: jurymembers Aldin, Faris, Amany & chaperon Ajla Tucaković

Favorite film: Room 213.