Filem’On Award:
We choose a film that shows that, when you make a decision without knowing the consequences it can effect your whole life.
The film shows how people suffered from communism.
The class showed loyalty to each each other.
The film helps commemorate those that rebelled communism.
The costumes helped to show that the film took place in the past. The characters were portrayed well by the actors. The camera work tied in with the emotions of the characters. The Award goes to “Das Schweigende Klassenzimmer”, by Lars Kraume.

Special mention:
One of the most important reasons that we choose this movie is that the entire audience could feel the emotion of the main character. Another reason is that the story line was clear and the message too. It was supported by the images, sounds and backgrounds. That matched with the story. For us it was really special to see how people of our age live in whole different circumstances. We would recommend this film to everyone. The special mention goes to Cross My Heart, by Luc Picard.