Hacker by Poul Berg (DK)
A very exciting action film that held the children in the grip from start to the end. The decors and props were very creative and looked very realistic. The actors remained in their role, especially the lead actor was very convincing. The use of light matches the atmosphere, the film is nice and dark at the same time. The film teaches us how life can be, that you always have to be on your guard. The director used special effects that reflect the feeling of the character and gives extra depth. The music and sound design add to the excitement.

Special mention : Rocca changes the world by Katja Benrath (D)

Fritzi, a revolutionary tale by Ralf Kukula & Matthias Bruhn
Even if it was very difficult to choose a winner, we give our Filem’on Animation Award to “Fritzi” because, in addition to being well drawn and having beautiful music, we find it a great film that teaches us a lot. It is a sad story that speaks of a real event, but told in cartoons and with humour, so that children can also connect to it.

Special mention ; Le voyage du prince by Jean-Francois Laguionie (FR-LU)

Stupid Young Heart by Selma Vilhunen (SE)
Winner of the teen screen award is a really well made touching movie with profound and very relatable characters. The storyline gave us a good insight into the world of teenagers and their problems. Although it was an emotional and hard movie, it had some funny aspects in it as well . Stupid young heart, a film by Selma Vilhunen, is an important film about a brave teenage mom.

Special mention ; Scent of oranges by Ivan Pokorny/ We think the movie had a grasping story with many layers put on screen with a great cinematography. The Main charachter was authentic and real. We were also amazed by the awsome horses.

Une colonie
by Geneviève Dulude-De Celles (CA)
Une colonie is a sensitive coming-of-age portrait of the adolescent Mylia, which quotes diversity without becoming political and depicts the power of being different with a lot of poetry.

Too for away by Sarah Winkenstette (D)
Performed by a talented ensemble of young actors, this is a thoughtful and moving film about how empathy for others and brotherhood can transform and bring together a community.

Special mention : Doobie by Keith Gomes (IN)
With beautiful cinematography and a powerful young actor this short film shows us how it is possible to find happiness wherever you are.

Champ by Cassandra Offenberg (NL)
Where ever you come from, it doesn’t matter.
This movie shows that you have to be self-confident. In order to deal with her agressieve side, Esma goes into martial arts sport. But this movie is not so much about sport, it’s much more about her relation with the coaches and especially with her mother. And … you may loose a fight, as long as you keep believing in your dreams!

Lola, the living potato by Leonid Shmelkov (RU)
In a playful and sensitive way, this film describes the life of a young girl who creates her own fantasy world in order to escape the threat of reality.

BELGIAN SHORT FILM AWARD – La quadrature du cercle
Zibilla by Isabelle Favez (BE-CH)
This very pretty story of friendship, made especially for children, has been created in a remarkable colourful graphic palette. Through a range of endearing animals, this short film addresses a variety of themes that will capture the attention of children – and parents: adoption, school bullying, racism, prejudice, courage, tolerance, etc. »

Hello world
, The Pond Turtle by Anne-Lise Koehler & Eric Serre (FR)
n a creative and poetic mix of documentary and fiction, the film tells the story of a little turtle who discovers that it is… all taken into account… all of us are just a piece of the food chain.

Class Short film jury
Juste moi et toi
by Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers (CA)