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Bella Brussella’s

Kids Public Award: Der Mond und ich – Nancy Biniadaki presentation: presented by  DonBosco school’s students – guidance: Joke Delcour, DonBosco school Schools’ jury’s: Paloke school Molenbeek 4th year primary school – guidance: teacher Carla De…… >>>

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Filem'On exchange days

Filem’On exchange days

We gladly invite you to the 3rd European Filem’On Exchange on the 3rd and 4th of November in Brussels. During this two-day event, Filem’On wants to boost the production of valuable children’s films. We have…… >>>

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Filem’On Children’s Jury at the shortfilmfestival Oberhausen

4 children from age 10 and 11 years old were selected by Filem’On to participate as jurymember in the shortfilmfestival Oberhausen. They will be hosted by the guestfamilies of the children’s jury of Oberhausen. Filem’On…… >>>

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Filem’On participate for the YYA European Film Academy Awards

On Young Audience Film Day on 8 May, three nominated films will be screened to audiences of 12 – 14 year-olds in 27 countries across Europe. Filem’On, together with Bozar cinema, will particpate for the…… >>>

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Share your selfie and win one year of culture in Brussels !

Share selfies of your Brussels cultural outings and enter for your chance to win one year of culture in Brussels.From 14 December 2015 to 31 January 2016, never before has going out in Brussels been…… >>>

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Films made by children during Filem’On !

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Winners Bella Brussella’s 2015

Goudenregen Jury: Belgian Shortfilms special mention: Des longues vacances –  Caroline Nugues Bourchat Price: The Tie – An Vrombaut Competition Kids Feature Special mention : Dhanak – Nagesh Kukunoor The special mention of the feature…… >>>

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Presentations 2nd European Exchange

Mieke De Jong – Story writing for children’s film and series A good children’s film, is a good film for everyone. Stories with children always have drama, because children are the beginners in our world……. >>>

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Filem'On and Cinema Bioscoop show the Dutch movie "Prins"

Filem’On and Cinema Bioscoop show the Dutch movie “Prins”

Come to see the movie “Prins”, in the cinema with the cooperation of Cinema Bioscoop and Filem’On! When: 9th of Octobre @ 19:00 Where: Cinema Galeries in Brussels Language: Dutch What’s the film about? A troubled…… >>>

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2nd European Exchange

2nd European Exchange

On the 6th of November, FILEM’ON will host an European exchange on story writing for Film and Media for young audiences, on taboo in film, on digital storytelling and audience design. We invited speakers from…… >>>