Beschikbaarheid: Gratis online

Gratis online


Eskimal and Morsa work together to preserve their beloved glacier, a fight against natural disasters caused by the indus- trial world.

Rising hope

A racehorse wins one race after another, much to the delight of his jockey!


An Indian ant discovers amidst the trash on the beach a picture of a beautiful building. An animated film made almost entirely with tea leaves!

Tout conte fait

A king and queen just can’t find a husband for their daughter. The princess then locks herself up only to be rescued by a charming prince.


Two scientists have invented a machine that can bring the stories in the books to life.


End of year work by Filem’ons freelance filmmaker on an unusual original washing machine!


The story of two personnages tranfomrming their mutual feelings into movement.


On the fringes of society, a cow upsets the balance of fate, with many consequences.


White balls perform a balletinanawonderfulworldof machines, 2D computer animation.

Hen Hop

A cartoon, made with pen and ink, by the renowned Canadian norman McLaren. A hen, sometimes resembling an egg with feet, does a dance … Just hilarious!

Grand Prix

A cloudless sky. Fast cars with roaring engines at the start. Blas, Ivan and Hector take their places.

Le petit theatre mechanique

In a shopping center, a small mechanical theater in loop performs the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel,” in the form of a musical comedy.

Once There Was a King

Creepy fairy tale about a love triangle between a king,a princess and a servant, based on a Polish lullaby.

Story of a Sea Turtle

Protected by darkness, a sea turtle digs a hole in the sand of a tropical beach to store her eggs before returning to the ocean.

The Amber amulet

Liam knows all about rocks and minerals. At night, he skims the streets masked in search of a good deed.