Beyond Borders: Stories of Freedom & Friendship

Johanna Bentz, Sandra Dajani, Madeleine Dallmeyer, Nazgol Emami, Diana Menestrey, Camilo Colmenares, Khaled Nawal

Seven short films, all in their own unique style and telling their separate stories about the same subject: borders, migration, freedom and friendship. The directors all focused on children on the run for violence and war. What was it like at home, before? What does the journey mean to them? What are their experiences? Often, imagination is an escape from fear. These stories want to make the viewer aware of the range of emotions children on the run can feel. Partly live-action, partly animated, it will be a discovery for the whole family. The movie screened at the Cinepänz Children Film Festival Cologne.

The Magnifying Glass, Nazgol Emami, IR, 2018, 9’
A Thing About Me, Sara and Moris Diana Menestrey & Camilo Colmenares, CO, 2018, 3’
The Break, Johanna Bentz, D, 2018, 8’
The Giant, Madeleine Dallmeyer, D, 2018, 12’
& 16mm archive films: 15’