Cirkeline, Coco and the wild rhinoceros

Jannik Hastrup

Cirkeline finds a best friend, someone she can count on, who seems to think she is a real little princess. Meanwhile, Ingolf meets a tiny, sad rhinoceros. He’s not wild at all… who’s fed up with always being the little one. Why can’t he be king? They set off together on a journey that teaches them a lot. Like how being in charge isn’t always a piece of cake, no matter what you intended to do, and that even the teeniest of rhinos can prove the greatest of heroes. And maybe, become a king with a crown? Follow this adventure through the fun and colourful animation style of Danish grandmaster Jannik Hastrup, who has been directing since 1984 with Samson and Sally. This greatly anticipated movie had its premiere at the Berlinale 2018.