Die drei Räuber

Hayo Fretitag

Three robbers are specialized in robbing postal carriages. One day, they attack a carriage with only one little orphan girl inside. They were looking for a big looting spree, but now only got this girl, Tiphany. She convinces them to take her with them, telling them her father is a rich maharaja who will pay a high ransom for her. From now on, she lives in the bandit’s den. Down in the valley, the orphanage is run by a nasty principal, who loves candy, and makes the children work long hours in het sugar beet factory. But one day, the robbers discover Tiphany’s secret…
Hayo Freitag has stayed loyal to the original illustrated book by Tom Ungerer. He respected the graphic style and the dark blue palette. Ungerer was so pleased with this animated version by Freitag, he proposed to do the voice-over himself.