Dikkertje Dap

Barbara Bredero

Dikkertje Dap has the same age and birthday as his best friend in the whole world, Raf, a giraffe ! Dikkertje’s Grandfather works at the zoo, where Raf lives, and so Dikkertje is very often there to play with his buddy. They are inseparable! Until the day comes Dikkertje has to go to school, and he realizes giraffes can’t go. How strange! He finds this very unair and crazy… And he misses Raf during his first day at school. But luckily, there is also a lot of fun stuff that happens, like Dikkertje meeting Yous. Could he become a new friend? And could Raf perhaps attend school? The movie is based on the famous rimes of Annie M.G. Schmidt, and was selected for the Berlinale Filmfestival 2018.