James and the Giant Peach

Henry Selick

James Henry Trotter is a orphan, his parents were killed by a loose rhinoceros. He lives with his two aunts now. But they treat him horribly, and he dreams of a better life. His biggest wish is to go to New York. One day, James drops a bag of magical stones at the foot of a peach tree. A huge, enormous peach grows on the tree. Upon inspection, James finds a tunnel, leading into the hollow pit of the peach. Here, he meets talking insects and bugs, which have grown to human size because of the magic stones. They too, wish for a better life…
This Roald Dahl-adaptation was produced by the talented Tim Burton, and is a combination of live-action acting and stop-motion techniques. Randy Newman wrote the score, which was nominated for an Oscar. The movie also won the Saturn award for ‘Best Fantasy’ and a ‘Gold Satellite’ award for Best Animation/Mixed Media