Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Dennis Gansel

When an orphaned baby is mysteriously delivered to the island of Morrowland, the four inhabitants decide to raise him as their own and name him Jim. When he turns ten and learns of how he came to the island, he yearns to un-cover his true origins. Tagging along with his friend Luke, Jim sets out on the adventure of a lifetime in an unstoppable train engine—across seas, deserts, forests, mountains, and even volcanoes. In the magical town of Mandala they learn that the Emperor’s daughter, Princess Li Si, has been captured by pirates, and the two decide to risk it all and travel to the treacherous Dragon City to save her. Based on the book by Michael Ende (The Neverending Story), with special effects is an entertaining epic about friendship and self-discovery. It has its North American premiere here at TCFF.