Le Petit Poucet et l’usine à saucisses

Benoît Preteseille, Sophie Azambre le Roy & Carl Roosens

Once upon a time… There was the strange story of Little Thumb and his six brothers who wake up in a concrete, commercial zone one day. Even their parents have vanished! Yesterday, they lived in a blooming forest, today… it’s all gone. Under the initiative of Thumb, the seven brothers go out and to explore this creepy and deserted world of stone, only to end up in the hands of Mr. Groga, a sausage maker… Based on the classic tale by Charles Perrault, this visual concert is a musical, a shadowplay and an illustrated journey where the participation of the young audience is greatly appreciated. Everything is brought to live thanks to the help of multi-disciplinary artistic talents who visit Nova often: the electro-punk duo Savon Tranchand (with Benoît Preteseille and Sophie Azambre le Roy), and with Carl Roosens (known for Carl et les hommes boîtes, Facteur Cheval).