Meerkat moonship

Hanneke Schutte

Gideonette lives in South-Africa. She’s a shy, but very clever girl of 13 years old. Her family name is a bit weird: de la Rey. It’s a cursed name… the family suffers from it. When Gideonette’s dad dies, she has to go live with her grandparents in a scary, dark forest. Luckily, she becomes friends with a deaf boy, who is has his own plans (and problems). He wants to be an astronaut, and trains for his space mission every day. Gideonette’s grandfather constructed his rocket. Every day, he hopes to escape in his ‘Maantuig’. The South-African director Hanneke Schutte is an acclaimed writer and filmmaker, with countless awards and festival selections; this movie had its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival.