Na komete

Karel Zeman

A wonderful adventure movie about a French Lieutenant in Algeria, who gets saved by a little girl. But she’s in trouble herself, being chased by slave traders, who hate the French oppressors and plot against them. Then, they are all drawn to a mysterious planet, where they achieve peace. A lot of surprising things happen on the strange planet, but soon they return to earth, and the armistice seems to be forgotten. A satire about the human need for useless conflicts and violence.
‘Na komete’ is the 4th adaptation by Karl Zeman of a story set in a Jules Vernes inspired universe. The movie is a combination of live action and animation. The illustrations of the original Vernes publications are brought to life, in a story invented by Zeman. This is the 6th year Filem’On programs a convincing movie by grandmaster Karl Zeman.