Pony and Birdboy

Mari Rantasila

Pony is a fierce seven-year-old girl who’s not exactly looking forward to her first day of school. (Ponies are supposed to be wild and free, not go to school and keep quiet all day!) Luckily, her imaginary friend Birdboy shows up with all kinds of fun advice and clever plans. Together, they avoid the boring rules of life. Maybe Pony could magically transform into an actual horse? Or maybe she could become an adult overnight so she can make up her own rules? Or maybe … Well, you’ll just have to see what else this duo is cooking up in this sweet and silly family film. “Pony and Birdboy” is partly based on Vera Salmi’s children’s book with the same name, which quickly grew into a popular favourite in Finland after its successful release in 2012.