Starry Road

Xie Deju

Two young brothers, Jiang Hai & Jiang He, decide to join the local rope skipping team, not out of passion but rather out of sheer necessity. Not particularly thrilled about it, they have to go through a series of hardships and must endure heavy physical pains in order to get admitted into the team. Nevertheless, as time passes, what once used to be an unpleasant pastime quickly evolves into a professional endeavor. One day, the team gets a chance to participate in a rope skipping tournament. However, due to the strict quotas, the twins have to battle it out for a spot. Who will get the spot and what will happen to their relationship? Watch how the different storylines beautifully intermingle into one amazing tale about brotherly love, sacrifice, friendship, tragedy and hope. Selected by Zlin festival and FIFEM Montreal.