The Witch Hunters

Rasko Miljkovic

Jovan is 10 years old, and he has a handicap, cerebral palsy. He escapes into his imagination more often than not, where he’s not so self-aware of himself and his limitations of his body. He makes up a whole world, where he’s the superhero. That seems enough for Jovan. Until Milica shows up. She’s a tomboy, who’s new at school and becomes his classmate. She asks for his help: her father is trapped by his new girlfriend, who is definitely a witch. Milica is convinced: she has seen the evidence! Potions, black salts, weird creatures… Milica is determined to expose her and reunite her real parents. Jovan helps her, with pleasure! It’s also a way to forget about his own problems… An honest movie about believing in yourself and accepting reality, and how helping your friends brings out the best in everyone. This picture won ‘Young People’s Film Award’ at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2018.