Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks

A young surgeon from Baltimore, Frederick ‘Frankenstine’, wants to hide his family ties with the real Dr. Frankenstein. When he inherits a castle in Transylvania, he is greeted in his homeland by hunchback Igor, a servant with big fishy eyes. Frederick and Igor discover a secret corridor, leading to the private library of his famous ancestor. They find a document that says it is possible to revive the dead. Frederick is very intrigued by the experiment. Together with Igor, they dig up a corpse.
This adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic ‘Frankenstein’ is a parody of the whole genre of ‘Frankenstein’-movies that were based on the novel. The movie is in black and white to get that old horror-movie look and feel. The movie, directed by the legendary Mel Brooks, was nominated for ‘Best Screenplay’, and won a Golden Globe for ‘Best Actress’.