Colin McIvor

Belfast, 1941. It’s war, the blitzkrieg is raining down on the city. Every day, the inhabitants have to brace for the Nazi bombardments. This is hell. Tom’s mom has no time for him; she’s a nurse and has to help wounded every day. His dad used to be a Zoo manager, but has been sent to fight at the frontline today. So Tom heads out into the city. He gets to the old zoo, destroyed by the bombs as well… but he finds Buster, a baby elephant, alive and well. He has got to be saved to survive. Together with his friends Jane, Pete and Mickey (and the lady next door!), Tom comes up with a dangerous plan to free Buster… This family film is based on real facts: during the air raids of Belfast, not only humans died but also dozens of animals trapped in the zoo. The movie had its world premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival.