Cyclo Kino

Bring images into motion in this mesmerizing installation by Fred Chemama!
Cyclo-kino is an interactive real time video installation activated by bicycles, sensors, a computer and beamers. Turning the wheels at any speed changes still images of discs
and photographs into rotating spirals, stripes, sometimes running animals, flying birds, men and women in action or objects in movement.

This technique, known as Phenakistiscoop, is invented in Belgium by J.Plateau around 1832. The discs are reproduced for this installation with the support of The Science Museum, Ghent.
Discs created at the workshop Phenakistoscoop, will be added to the moving composition, mixing your creation with the ones of artists and scientists like J.Plateau, JB Madou, JE Marey or E. Muybrige!

Creation: Fred Chemama (with the help of B. Kusel)
Programmation: Yacine Sebti
Electronique: Greg Alveols