Bella Brussella Award

The Bella Brussella Awards are divided in these sections :

  • The Best of International and Belgian Shorts
  • The Best of features for Teens
  • The Best of features for Kids
  • The Best of non European productions & co-productions

The awards are distributed by a national and international teenage jury.

This year the international juries are as follow :

  • The Best of Shorts : Teenage Delegation of Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen
  • The Best of features for Teens : Teenage Delegation of New Horizons Poland, Sarajevo Film Festiival  & FilmTett Roumania.
  • The Best of non European productions & co-productions : Teenage Delegation of Discovery Film Festival Luxembourg

The best of TV is awarded by 3 professional members :

Veerle Appelmans
She is one of the producers of the Brussels-based production company Vivi Film.
Vivi Film (co)produces shorts, features and series, in animation and live-action, at a national and international level.As a producer Veerle oversees the entire filmmaking process, from inception through release.Besides Veerle is co-owner of Vivi Film’s studio, Studio Souza.

Laura Vandeweynkel
Laura (1986, Poperinge, Belgium) graduated as a Germanic Philologer at Ghent University in 2008. She then trained as a director in Dramatic Arts and animation film maker at the RITCS School of Arts Brussels. In 2013 she completed her stop-motion film ‘What’s On’ and graduated with ‘Paradise’ in 2014. ‘Paradise’, a critical reflection on the ethics of tourism, received several awards at international festivals and got selected for the Cinéfondation Cannes and Toronto Film Festival. Her short ‘Pharmakos’ (2017) was supported by the Cinéfondation and Greek Film Center. Currently she works as a director, actor and puppeteer for film and TV series. She is developing an animated short ‘Le Crépuscule’ and a feature documentary ‘Pharmakoi’ on scapegoat mechanisms, both supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

Anne van Campenhout
Anne van Campenhout (1989) is an independent creative documentary filmmaker, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She made documentaries in Ghana, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya and other African countries. She won awards with her docs ‘Dedans’ (2010), ‘The Rainmakers’ (2012) and ‘Dusty Bin Dreams’ (2014). Her controversial doc ‘My Fucking Problem’ (2017) received a lot of media attention and is selected for the Golden Calf Competition 2017. Her latest doc ‘I’m afraid it’s a no’ will be broadcasted in November 2017.