“Baltic beasts!” cinematic concert

This Ciné-concert is an homage to the Letton and Estonian animation studio’s. Both countries celebrate their 100 years as a nation in 2018. We will see 8 wonderful movies, made with different animation techniques, that will be accompanied by the musical arrangements by Remi Decker and Raphaël De Cock. These world-class multi instrumentalists from the “Musique à voir” ensemble, will invent a perfect marriage between music and bruitage soundtrack, undoubtedly stunning us with their creativity and originality. For children of all ages. The children of the Sint- Jozef – school with the support of Jeugd en Muziek Brussel present a live soundtack ! In collaboration with the EStonan and Latvian Embassy.

We will see:

Porgand (Pärtel Tall, Estonia, 7′)
The story of a snowman, his carrot nose and… a hungry hare.

When Apple Rolls (Reinis Kalnaellis,Latvia, 7′)
A cat lives with his friend Mouse in a wooden cabin in an orchard. But one day they find a weird apple… or is it?

Munck et Lemmy – Let’s Fly (Nils Skapans,Latvia, 6′)
All smiles with Munck and Lemmy, always! This time, they try to get fruit very high up in a tree.

Choir Tour (Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 5’)
A world-famous boys’ choir goes on a tour with their strict conductor. But left alone without supervision, they are just playful children…

Lemonade Tale (Vallo Toomla,,Estonia, 9’)
Little Holger goes shopping with his mom. He wants some lemonade, but gets sucked into the bottle. He’s trapped! Enchanting puppet animation for the smallest among us.

Miriam’s Hen dream (Andres Tenusaa,,Estonia, 5’)
On a rainy autumn day, Miriam is watching a picture book about southern countries, Hen is dreaming about flying away to the south, just like the cranes in the autumn sky… Part of series “Miriam” by Andres Tenusaar.

Kih-keh-rih-koo (The rooster) (Arnold Burovs. Latvia, 10’)
A rich man steals a magic mill from a poor farmer. Thankfully, he can count on his loyal (and loud!) rooster. An enchanting stop-motion animation classic by Riga Film Studios van regisseur Burovs!