Expo: “Le Petit Poucet et l’usine à saucisses” (Book – CD)

“Le Petit Poucet et l’usine à saucisses” is not only an exciting musical spectacle, it’s also a lovely illustrated audio book by the small publisher Biscoto, in Angoulême France. The illustrations are from the hand of Benoît Preteseille andare accompanied by a CD with music played and sung by Savon Tranchand and Carl Roosens. This is a whole other way to discover this classic by Charles Perrault in a modern way, and perhaps learning the songs by hart! The original drawings for Benoît Preteseille are on display in the Nova foyer-bar for the duration of the festival, in the afternoon. What’s more: the bar has been transformed into the sausage factory of Mr. Groga!