Together (Sammen um drommen)

Daniel Fahre

Together is a documentary about the young twin brothers Marcus and Martinus, who give up everything for each other, their music and their dreams. They both have one passion: becoming a popstar. They want to conquer the hearts of girls all over the country, and work hard on their music to make it. Director Daniel Fahre follows them on this ambitious journey, on stage and backstage. They turn into a real hype, and screaming fans greet them every time. Limousines, red carpet events and photo shoots become a part of their life. The adventure will end in an amazing show, in the Oslo Spektrum hall, with a performance in front of their biggest audience yet, in November 2016. Their poppy songs determine the rhythm of this documentary, and show that there’s no age limit on talent. The movie won the Audience Award at the Amanda Awards in Norway in 2017.