Since the beginning of the Filem’on festival, children and youth has been the heart of the festival ! Every year they choose the best feature film of the festival and hand over the Filem’On Kids Award and Teen Screens Award.

Flemish kids jury: Iyas, Simin, Jonas, Roy, Yann, Jonah, Boubacar, Shadia
French speaking kids jury: Elias, Amélien, Gaston, Manon, Ella

Teens jury:
Marlies Van Den Broeck
Claudia Morales Duarte
Malik Diallo
Janna Hendrickx
Ilias Aloui
Eulalie Trillet
Yana Claeys
Floris de Hertogh
Mette Plysier
Emma Kristin

A number of European children & youth film festivals, all members of ECFA, are selected annually to host an ECFA jury and vote for the ECFA Award for their particular festival. Filem’On is honoured to be one of those festivals. Each festival adds their winning film to a shortlist of nominated films, competing for the overall award, handed out during the International Filmfestival of Berlin – the Berlinale. Filem’On hosts a professional jury for the ECFA DOCU,  the ECFA SHORT, and this year also the ECFA FEATURE Award.

Boris Bakal

Shadow Casters Zagreb – CR
Boris Bakal is a theatre and film director, actor, intermedia artist, curator, writer, educationist, modernist architecture heritage activist and public historian. Throughout Bakal’s versatile career, he authored numerous projects, performances, lectures, installations and multimedia creations in more than 20 countries across Europe as well as in Asia, Africa, Australia and the US.

Léa Bossa-Chaumette 

Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne – FR
Léa Bossa-Chaumette is the general representative of the children’s film festival ”Ciné-Jeune of Aisne”, situated in France. Bossa-Chaumette has gained experience by leading a number of cultural and artistic projects and additionally has been the general manager of a contemporary circus company.


Kato De Boeck

Director & Scriptwriter – BE
Kato De Boeck (1994°) is a Belgian director and script writer who graduated in 2018 from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. She finished her master program in film directing with her autobiographical short film ’Provence’, which was selected at more than 50 festivals all over the world. The film was nominated for ECFA Award in Filem’On 2018! Kato just finished shooting a new short film, as part of the Belgian tv series ‘Lockdown’, and is currently writing an LGBT+ web series ‘Roomies’ and a new short film ‘Darling’, all of this together with her partner in crime Flo Van Deuren.

Nicola Jones

Goldener Spatz Festival – DE
Nicola Jones completed her studies in Media & Communication Science and American Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Following her studies Jones worked as film funding consultant for feature films for the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and as an executive assistant to CEO of the FFA, responsible for the coordination matters of European film policy. Currently Jones is the director of the German Children’s Media foundation & festival “Golden Sparrow”.


Jaroslava Hynštová

Zlin Film Festival – CZ
Jaroslava Hynštová  studied at the Palacky University in Czech Republic, majoring in Film studies and English Philology. Hynštová is the screenwriter and director of more than 10 comedy plays and founder of an amateur theatre group in her hometown Luhačovice. Hynštová has been working as a film programmer at Zlín Film Festival – International Film Festival for Children and Youth since 2005. She was also a regional cultural correspondent for the biggest Czech newspaper.


Cassandra Offenberg

Director – NL
Cassandra Offenberg graduated as a documentary filmmaker from the Utrecht School of Arts in 2016. In her work, Cassandra always searches for a hybrid form where reality and the sensory world meet. Her graduation film ‘The Fairytale of Youth’ won the Wildcard from the Dutch Film Fund.. During the Kids&Docs workshop (2018) organized by IDFA and Cinekid, she developed the youth documentary CHAMP which won many awards amongst the EFCA Award, nominated at the Filem’On festival 2019.

Gert Hermans 

Gert Hermans has been working for decades in children’s film distribution, content marketing, and publishing for the former Jekino and later on also for JEF. Gert Hermans has collaborated on several national and international projects promoting quality films for children As communication officer for ECFA (European Children’s Film Association), he is chief editor of the ECFA Journal online magazine and the ECFA Update. He was involved in various surveys and publications on children’s film and media, and served in festival juries and panels in Belgium and abroad.

The CIFEJ Prize was first created in 1981 to be given to the director of the best film participating in the professional competitive section of the prestigious international children’s film festivals. This is the second year Filem’On will participate for the CIFEJ Award. In this category you can discover the most colourful movies of the festival, shorts and features,sent in from all over the (whole) world, with stories that make us think about our universal values and recent world developments.

Joseph Arbiol Carmen

Mice Festival – ES
Joseph Arbiol Carmen has a long career in audiovisual media. Joseph Arbiol Carmen is founder and President of the Festival “MICE – International Exhibition of Educational Cinema” in Valencia. Additionally he is the expressive artistic advisor to the CEFIRE of the Teacher Training Service of the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana, cultural manager, an independent audiovisual producer, mentoring educational films and school teacher.

Roberto Romeo

Producer – ES-BE
Roberto was born in Spain and studied in Brussels. Schooled in the traditional arts / art academy, he joined a theatre company where he worked several jobs: from director to production designer, to being cast in a production in Paris. In 2016, supported by the allegiance between the towns of Molenbeek and Mbour in Senegal, he created the short film ‘Le problème de Waly’ in Mbour, with El Hadj Gueye. It was selected for multiple international film festivals, including Filem’ON.

Lubnan Al Wazny

Director – BE-IQ
Lubnan Al Wazny (IQ) worked as a shoemaker and as a soldier in Iraq before he came to Belgium in 2015. He has been an active volunteer at Cinemaximiliaan since the very beginning.  He is co-director with Gwendolyn Lootens of the documentary film ‘Me Miss Me’ (coproductie Savage Film, Gsara; CBand Cinemaximilian, in which he picked up a camera for the first time in his life

Susanne Finken

Director – DE
Susanne Finken, scriptwriter, holds an M.A. in Theater and American Studies from Cologne International Film School. Finken worked for theatre and radio, but feels most committed to and uplifted by the silver screen. Her latest movie for children, ‘Too far away’, won several awards, including the CIFJ Award at Filem’On Film Festival 2019.


Léa Bossa-Chaumette 
Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne – FR

Bruno Bouchard

Director & film educator – FR
Bruno Bouchard is a pre-cinema collector and the inventor of Poubellotrope, an educational kit devoted to the history of cinema. Bouchard produces magic lantern projections, traveling exhibitions on the history of cinema, in particular about André Pierdel, Jacques Tati’s props artist. Bouchard is also director of the short film “Correspondance Pelliculaire” (Special Mention Jury Prize at the Valletta film festival 2018)/

This award is an initiative to promote children’s and youth films in Belgium. The category contains recent films that will be distributed in Belgian cinema during and after the Filem’On festival! The press prize is awarded by the oldest film critical magazine in Flanders
The press prize is awarded by Filmmagie, Flanders oldest film-critical magazine, in collaboration with “De Unie van filmkritiek”, an organisation consisting of more than 100 film journalists from all over the country.

Frans Lefever 

Member UFK-UCC – BE
Film critic for Radio 1 (VRT) from 1971 to 1977. He was then responsible for the selection and purchase of feature films for VRT-TV until 2007. Since then he has been a member of the selection committee of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in the film and media department. He has been an honored member of the UFK-UCC for decades.

Charlotte Timmermans

Freelance Journalist- Filmmagie – BE
Charlotte Timmermans (°1991) is an Antwerp-based film critic. She works as an editor and coordinator for ‘Filmmagie’, an online and print magazine analysing the contemporary movie landscape with a focus on arthouse films. As a curator, she programs Animarama, a monthly animation themed evening in Filmhuis Klappei (Antwerp). For ‘Filmmagie’ she writes reviews on (among other genres) youth film, an interest that also brings her to this festival.

Yves Calbert 

Member UFK-UCC – BE
Former director of a weekly French radio program in Louisiana (USA) and leader of youth groups in various countries of North and South America, Asia and Europe. Since 1999 cultural journalist for ‘Tausend Augen, les mille Yeux’, a French monthly film magazine published in Lille. Currently a reporter for (among others) Confluent, Brussels-Star and Brussels Diplomatic. Recently a member of the UFK-UCC.


This selection of recent Belgian short films is perfectly child-sized, made by young talents, students and veteran directors.The jury is composed of members of La Quadrature du Cercle (QdC), a network of film programmers working in the non-profit sector, in Brussels and Wallonia, and which brings together some fifty members from: cultural centers, local cinemas, art cinemas, cine-clubs, media education associations…

Maxime Deckers

Member – La quadrature du cercle – BE
After having given courses, programmed cinema and theater for young audiences, Maxime became a cultural mediator at the Senghor, the cultural center of Etterbeek, in Brussels. After graduating from the IAD in theater with a tumultuous thesis on Guy Debord, he spent a few years crisscrossing the world in search of comrades and new political paths. He now works to empower others through education, culture.


Elodie Lambert

Member – La quadrature du cercle – BEElodie is an animator at the Foyer culturel de Sprimont, in the province of Liège. The film projects, developed at her initiative since 2013, are the fruit of her personal interest and her conviction that cinema is a formidable gateway to invite people to analyze, rethink and act on the world.

Mouna Ma-Elainin


Member – La quadrature du cercle – BE
Mouna is in charge of programming cinema for young audiences at the Centre culturel d’Andenne, in the Province of Namur. After studying Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Mouna worked as a socio-cultural animator for a young public in a homework school and center of expression and creativity. She has a great passion for art, cinema and children’s literature.


Bruno Speybrouck

Member – La quadrature du cercle – BE
Bruno is project manager at Archipel 19, the cultural center of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe / Koekelberg, Brussels. He is in charge of the cinema fiction programming. A lover of ‘genre’ cinema, he was a volunteer at the BIFFF and at the NOVA cinema.

Valérie Vanden Hove

Member – La quadrature du cercle – BE
A former member of the Quadrature du Cercle as an animator in charge of programming films for young audiences and documentaries in a cultural center, Valérie took over the coordination of the network in 2018. In close collaboration with the members, she coordinates tours such as ‘La Tournée des Magritte du Cinéma’, the FWB Festival and the CinéMômes Festival as well as training, promotional actions, reflection commissions, etc.

Charlotte Vandriessche

Member – La quadrature du cercle – BE
Charlotte is an animator for young audiences at Cinéma Quai 10, in Charleroi.