Filem’On wants to stimulate audiovisual formation (film, image and media education) for children and youth (from 2 to 16 years old) from all cultural and linguistic communities in Brussels and Flanders. Cinema and the audiovisual arts are a powerful and accessible medium for citizenship education and language development. Through participatory projects, teenagers can discover and strengthen their talents. Through film, Filem’On offers a broader view of the world, connects young people to other perspectives and teaches them to think and speak authentically.

The main activities of the organization are:

– the organization of an annual international film festival in Brussels;
– the organization of participatory projects, during the festival and throughout the year in collaboration with schools, WMKJs (organizations working with disadvantaged children and youth) and extended schools, IBOs (after-school initiatives), etc.;
– the co-production of FilemKing (Film Festival for and by children in Ghent);
– the organization of school screenings in Brussels;
– programming films for a monthly film club, other film festivals and events for children and young people in Brussels and Flanders.