Artistic and business director - Head of programming & education

Hilde Steenssens

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Hilde Steenssens is founder of vzw Filemon. She also curates for other film initiatives. As pedagogue and youth criminologist, she is convinced of the power of art and film as intermedium to support children and young people in their growth towards world citizens! She ensures that the organization can remain dynamic, qualitative and sustainable.
Business assistant

Anna Bataglia

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Anna studied Film Studies and Visual Culture and then Cultural Management. Now she supports the business side of Filem'On. Her goal at Filem'On is to bring as many young people as possible in contact with other ideas and cultures in order to give them more knowledge and insight about the world and themselves.
Communications officer

Rachel Hansoul

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Rachel Hansoul is the communications officer for Filem'on. As a visual communicator who loves color and playfulness, she feels right at home in the children's film world! Social relevance is what drives her and she enthusiastically shares this through every possible channel to reach you.
Public and participation officer

Myrthe Van Rompaey

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Myrthe is in charge of our public relations and participatory projects. Being born and raised in Brussels, a film fanatic and children's enthusiast, she likes to roll up her sleeves to reach out to as many Brussels youth as possible and give them the chance to be immersed in the world of Filem’On!
Reporter's club coordinator


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Stephanie Maes is a multidisciplinary vidéaste with a participatory approach. In her work the creative interaction with others is key. Throughout the years she has realized several projects in collaboration with theatre companies, newcomers, young people and local residents, among others. In addition to providing technical support for the festival's audiovisual component, Stephanie has been the proud coordinator of Filem'Ons very own reporter's club for years!
Ambassador coach & project supervisor "Young Audience Award"


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Sandra has a background in animation and illustration. She alternates her work time between the art educational organisations MUS-E Belgium, Wisper, WIELS Kets and the DKO. From the year Sandra moved from Utrecht (NL) to Brussels in 2010, she has been involved with Filem'On! She gave film workshops, supervised and coordinated children's juries and was part of the Filem'On film committee! Since 2016, she also helps out with the Young Audience Award (EFA) and is a coach for Filem'On ambassadors.
Jury supervisor & presenter

Thierry Errembault

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Thierry is an author/director of comedy and he also works as a videographer. Next to that, Thierry likes to share what he has learned about film to young people, either through talks or through video-workshops. You might have seen him as a presenter or a coach for the teenage jury at Filem’On.
Presenter & animator

Monica Vanleke

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Monica Vanleke is a self-taught creative and published author of 5 novels and 2 children picture books. She has worked in fashion, as a trainer-coach on humour and has contributed to several theatres and opera performances as a dresser and costume designer. As a film fanatic, Monica has been working for Filem'On for years now, with a lot of heart. Every year, Monica takes part in the Filem'On festival. Other than live dubbings, presentations and interviews with the directors, Monica also leads occasional workshops.
Workshop facilitator

Diëgo Nurse

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Filmmaker Diëgo Nurse (31, Ghent) comes from Paramaribo, Suriname. With his films, he wants to bring more diversity to children's and youth stories. Both more ethnic diversity and more diversity for children with mental or physical disabilities. Via Amsterdam, Diëgo ended up in Belgium where he studied film at Luca School of Arts. Besides making films, Diego is committed to talent development in film for young people!
Animator for toddlers

Zehra Öz

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Zehra Öz is a teacher in training with a passion for art, culture, poetry, teaching and adventure! As part of her Educational Bachelor's degree in preschool education at the Erasmushogeschool in Brussels, Zehra did her internship at Filem'On, where she created interactive playful workshop videos for our preschoolers!
Presenter & animator

Ilse Cox

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Ilse makes audiostories with ‘Huis van Eustachius’, is voice actor and writes. Humor is her second nature. She studied Audiovisual Arts/Radio (RITCS) and did Teacher Training. Since ‘15 she has been presentor at Filem’On and she does live-dubbing of our foreign-language films.
Workshop facilitator


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Suzanne Groothuis is a scenographer and multidisciplinary artist. Her work is socially engaged and mostly created for the public space. In addition to her artistry, she is also a coach, trainer and filmmaker for the HOPE foundation, an organisation that offers art lessons to children in Gaza and in other refugee camps in the Middle East. She enjoys working with children who have fewer opportunities in our society and joins the Filem'On team with enthusiasm since 2020.
Jury supervisor


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Davey Snoek is a passionate film enthusiast, filmmaker and screenwriter living and working in Brussels. He has been involved in Filem'On since 2019 as a supervisor of the (international) youth jury. Davey enjoys sharing his passion for film with young people and to help develop their way of looking at cinema. He also finds it very fascinating to learn from the way young people experience film. Film festivals are the celebration of cinema and Filem’On is a wonderful platform for sharing and exchange!


De ambassadeurs zijn het kloppend hart van Filem'On. Ze denken mee na over de concretisering van het festival en jaarprojecten en maken promotie voor het festival binnen hun leeftijdsgroep. Zo beheersen ze een eigen ‘TikTok’ account waar ze hun leeftijdsgenoten warm maken met leuke en dynamische social media content. De ambassadeurs worden begeleid door een freelance filmmaker van vzw Filemon en komen ongeveer twee keer per maand samen. De ambassadeurs zijn tieners die het festival en de organisatie goed kennen en al aan verscheidene projecten hebben meegewerkt.


Zelda de Vos

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Hello I am Zelda. I am 12 years old, almost 13 and I live in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. I really enjoy horseback riding, drama and swimming. I like to be active and I am fairly creative. If I didn't live in the city I would have liked to have many pets.

Andreas Crommelinck

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I am Andreas, 16-year-old enthusiast who loves theater, books, dance and of course movies. I love to discover and discuss films with other young people and that's why I love being an ambassador for filem'on. I have lots of favorite movies but right now I would say that '2001 a space odyssey' is my favorite movie.

Ernesto Mortelmans

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I'm Ernesto, I'm 14 years old and I live in Brussels. I was a judge at the Filem'on film festival in 2021 and have been an ambassador since 2022. I've been living in Brussels recently and feel completely at home here. I'm looking forward to the next festival! See you then!

Emma Kristin

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I am Emma! 16 years old and ambassador of filemon. I have been with Filem'on for years because this is where I have been able to express my passion for film. I get the chance to interact with people who share the same interest in film. Following that, music and theater is also something that gives me a lot of joy in life. I hope to continue doing these things for a long time. And with Filem'on I get the opportunity to start in my younger years!

Eva Meersman

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I am Eva, ambassador of the festival. I already participated in two editions of Filem'on in the reporter's club. For me, film is a way to bring fantasy to life while zooming in on reality. With film, anything is possible and you experience the wildest adventures and most intense feelings. I love acting and dancing, as well as painting, making jewelry, baking, climbing and reading the most adventurous books late into the night. That adventurous side of me resurfaces - and over head down - on any rollercoaster or water slide I can do. I am a multilingual Brussels native and love this fascinating city and the green Jette where I was born. I am taking my first year of Latin at Jan van Ruusbroeck College and love to travel to other countries, like Bulgaria, where part of my family lives.

Mette Plysier

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I am Mette, 16 years old and in my fifth year of Word Art Drama at the art school of Brussels. Film for me is a way to zoom in on very recognizable things from "ordinary" life but by putting them on screen to see the beauty of it. I started as a jury member at Filem'On and now I am also an ambassador, here I am looking, together with the other ambassadors, for ways to keep the festival going and to bring film and cinema to a young audience. I like to be involved in music, performance, movement as long as it amuses me.

Aristic Director

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