Industry Program

29/10- 13:30 > 19:30 @ Ritcs cinema

Presentations and debates for young film professionals with an interest in the production of films for a young audience.

PART 1 –  Macky Flanders Masterclass
How do you start making a feature film? What are the pitfalls, how do you best prepare yourself? Which themes can appeal to young audiences and are important to show? These questions will be discussed in this masterclass. In 2019, Director Frederike Migom made a feature film called ‘Binti’, which will be shown at the start of the masterclass. With ‘Binti’ as a case study, Fredrike Migom answers all these questions and tells how she, herself has tackled her film from start to finish.  The importance of making films with social relevance such as Binti will be discussed with the organisation Cinemaxmiliaan, a film organisation dedicated in producing and presenting films about and for newcomers in Belgium.
Finally, Jules Debrock, a producer of youth films, is given the floor. He tells how you, as a filmmaker, can contact producers, how you should approach them and what a producer expects from a collaboration with a creative person.

Jules Debrock – BELGIUM
Founder ‘Pain Perdu productions” &  Co-founder “Flow Postproduction”

Frederike Migom – BELGIUM
Director feature film “Binti” & short documentary “Si-G”

PART 2  – European exchange -Presentation and discussion panels
No registration needed
For the 6th year, Filem’On will organize the European exchange with international projects and guest speakers. This time Filem’On will address   questions such as, “How can film schools inspire filmmakers to producing films for a young audience? And which initiatives can we put in place to support young filmmakers with an interest in producing kids’ content ? Projects and organisations such as Kids Kino Lab, Macky Flanders and T-port will be presented. Panel participants will share their knowledge and experiences of these projects with the public. Additionally, former film students will share with us their personal stories and will debate these topics with teachers from film schools in Belgium and abroad.


Niv Fux – ISRAEL 
T-Port Managing Director
Online Market for Student & Short Films, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

Zofia Horszczaruk – POLAND
Founder & Project Manager Warsal Kids Film KIDS Forum, Kids Kino Lab

Nicole Kellerhals-  GERMANY

Script Consultant for Filmhaus Babelsberg, Hamburg Media School, Nipkow Program, Focal Suisse and Berlinale Residence  Director of children’s film ALFONS ZITTERBACKE.

Charlie Dewulf – BELGIUM
Director of feature films ‘Margo & The Maximarket” ‘in development)
Co-founder of MACKY Flanders

Amélia Nanni – BELGIUM
Graduate of University of Paris 7, Cinema Study & Master at INSAS FilmSchool in Brussels
Director of  “Fireflies” & “Le pourquoi des enfants

Marta Materska-Samek -POLAND
Teacher at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz
Expert on the film industry and project management.

Gert Hermans – BELGIUM
Communication for JEF & journalist for ECFA JOURNAL

01.11 16:00 > 18:30 NOVA-CINEMA

No registration needed
Presentations and discussion for professionals with an interest in the production, distribution and programming of documentaries for a young audience. How can we support filmmakers into making documentaries for young audiences? What are interesting distribution strategies for the national and transnational success of documentaries for young audiences? 

16;00 Screening DOC and Shorts
17;00- 17;30 ; Q & A’s Directors
17:30 – 18:30 ; discussion panels


Director “Young Hunters”
Works also for various Dutch nature TV programmes, and for Teledoc Campus.

An De Winter – BELGIUM
Coordinator of DALTON, a distribution company for documentaries and Short Films, also for young audiences

Karl Emil Rikardsen – NORWAY
Director of Arctic Camels. Directed other documentaries, also for young audiences
Co–founder of the production company, “Relation04 Media”.

Bregt Van wijnendaele – BELGIUM
Distribution JEF
Ket & Doc – JEF

Nina Landau – BELGIUM
Director, “Lon” & “Circus zonder tent” (in development)
Jr. Producer at Associate Directors, a production company specializing in creative documentaries for television and cinema

Gert Hermans- BELGIUM
Communication for JEF & journalist for ECFA JOURNAL